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Susan's Pure Vanilla Products

 Welcome to Susan's Homemade Pure Vanilla Products!

It all started with a cake.  I wanted to bake my eldest daughter's college graduation cake.... three tiers of "momma love" with buttercream icing. It's important to note that I had NEVER made a tiered cake before, but that's what YouTube videos were for right?  Months in advance, I started testing scratch cake and buttercream icing recipes. Yellow and chocolate cakes began flying out of my kitchen to the office where friends and co-workers were eager to be testers. 

Somewhere between the 8th and 10th cake I realized I LOVED the taste and smell of pure vanilla extract and wanted to make my own and share it with others!  From there, things just snowballed, and Susan's Homemade Pure Vanilla Products was born.

The most important things to know about my vanilla extracts and vanilla sugars: 
  •  I personally make all products in my state-inspected home kitchen. 

  • I use triple-distilled vodka and Madagascar Bourbon Extract Grade Vanilla beans (extract grade beans contain less moisture than Gourmet Grade beans) for the purest extract possible.  There are no added sugars or colorings in my products.  I use more than the FDA required 13.335 ounces of vanilla beans per gallon of alcohol for my extracts to ensure the best quality product.  Anyone who uses less than the FDA required amount of beans is really just giving you flavored liquor! 

  • My pure vanilla extract is aged for several months so that the vanilla beans infuse the alcohol naturally for an intense flavor perfect for baking, making ice cream, and other recipes.  (Vanilla beans only really "steep" for about six months, so after that they don't do much for your vanilla extract. )  I also don't like the idea of storing extract with a vanilla bean left in it, especially when most people have it in their cupboards for months.  

  •  My vanilla sugars are flavored with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract beans (granulated and Turbinado sugars), for several weeks for a strong vanilla flavor wonderful for baking, to use in coffee and tea (Sweet Tea too), or wherever you use regular sugar.

  • My products make GREAT gifts!  Hostess or teacher gifts, add one to a bridal present, or as stocking stuffers during the holidays for your favorite bakers.              


I hope you will visit my Products page and give my vanilla extract and vanilla sugars a try.  Happy baking!




**By the way, I DID make my daughter's graduation cake, and you can see a picture of it on my photos page. 

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